Imperium's Conquest (eBook)

(This is the third book in The Leyline War series.)

Cursed by the shape-changing demon of chaos, Jak awakens from his slumber to find the world changed. The Imperium's campaign has dragged on for years. The battleground stretches from East to West, and nowhere is safe. Refugees are everywhere, a testament to the horror of war. And men, as ever, are hungry to take advantage.

When an unlikely summons makes its way to Jak, he finds himself surrounded by allies both old and new. His enemies are also sundry, and they are prepared to give everything to stop him. His lifelong goal of being a hero has never been further away, and yet he strives on in the hope of bringing peace to the land.

In the shadows, Jest plans his final performance. He laughs as the world burns. Only Jak and his motley band can hope to stop him before it's too late.

Price (Pay What You Want)