Chateau Cascade (eBook)

(This is the first book in The Leyline War series. It is the second edition and has been revised and expanded throughout.)

Welcome to a continent on the brink of war. Two powerful nations stand at each others' throats, both with rigid ideologies that demand the annihilation of the other. In the middle stands beautiful Chateau Cascade, the castle on the waterfall. Young Jak dreams of the Chateau and of becoming one of its glorious Cascadian Knights, the keepers of this world's peace.

Idealistic and full of hope, Jak grows weary of wasting his youth on his father's farm. He wants to make a difference in the world. He wants to be a hero. When he is thrust into the midst of a conflict that looms large over the entire world, he gets his chance. Unlikely and unideal companions join him on this dangerous adventure, teaching him that sometimes a hero is not what you might expect or want it to be.

Above his struggle, the mysterious Lady Acelia, queen of the Chateau, watches, waits, and machinates. All will serve as pawns in her schemes.

Price (Pay What You Want)