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Backup Twitter to Gab

This app will back up your entire Twitter account by posting your old tweets in chronological order to Gab.

It does its best to ignore reply tweets and retweets, but otherwise posts everything. Please note: this app is still being tested. Please direct feedback here if you have any. By using this app you agree not to sue me if anything bad happens, including but not limited to some of your tweets not posting to Gab correctly. Thank you.


  1. Visit your account settings page on Twitter.
  2. Scroll down and click the "Request your archive" button.
  3. A popup should appear letting you know that your archive will be mailed to you. Wait for the email.
  4. Open your email (which might be in the spam folder). Click "Download now" and follow the links until you have a zip file.
  5. Unzip the file. There should be a file labeled "tweets.csv".

Once you have tweets.csv:

  1. Click here to give the app access to post to your Gab account.
  2. Follow the instructions from there.
Enjoy! PS: If you want a Gab account and need an invitation, follow me on Twitter and DM me. I'll help you out.